EVO Oil and Wine

The vines extend luxuriously marking the landscape with ancient geometrical rows, from the attractive slopes of Pieve Santo Stefano to San Gennaro and beyond Montecarlo towards the hills of Porcari and Altopascio.
This is the production area for DOC hills ofLucca and Montecarlo wines: the terrain is formed from the detritus of the Apennines, and is mainly clay-based with siliceous elements, sometimes mixed with gravel from the Apuan Alps. This type of soil is ideal for growing vines and a natural condition for high quality wine. The mild climate, southern exposure and presence of high peaks protecting from northern cold contribute to a strong and healthy production of wines with high sugar content and intense bouquets.
The new vinification and bottling techniques enhance the original qualities of these wines which were enjoyed and consumed in large quantities by Pisans and Florentines long ago, as documented from the 15th century in Lucca’s commercial records.

The new techniques of vinification and bottling have extolled the virtues of these wines that in Florence and Pisa was already appreciated and consumed in abundance, as is documented from the early ‘400, from commercial registers of Lucca. in the 60s there was the recognition of the first DOC: the “white of Monte Carlo” and the “red of hills of Lucca”, followed by more recent ones. The recent development of the wine world, the contribution of many promising young winemakers, the growing demand for high-quality wines, has meant that even in Lucca the production became very sophisticated and the research oriented towards wines with a strong flavor.
each winery over DOC productions made its own spirits, more special reserves to offer to the important guests and the most demanding palates.

the DOC title to the hills of Lucca is reserved for wines made from grapes of the varieties recommended and/or authorized by the province of Lucca, grapes which come from vineyards which have clear compositions of the grape variety. For more information see the website: www.stradavinoeoliolucca.it

Since ancient times, the olive has marked the Province of Lucca: the mid-fifteenth century olive oil was considered “one of the goods necessary for human life” and a treatise on olive in the nineteenth century confirms that “oils most celebrated for their finesse are those of Lucca enjoying great fame abroad. Alongside these there are almost all the other oils the we can findd in the region of Tuscany. ” Then a deep-rooted tradition, a culture now more valuable than ever to safeguard the irreplaceable heritage of the hilly landscape and the food traditions of Lucca.

The terraces upon the hills, supported by stone walls, are the characteristic setting of long and windy roads that climb the hills between the volumes of the noble villas-historical farms. Their color is silver green like that of the olive trees.

Moreover the outstanding characteristics of olive oil of Lucca, make it an important nourishment not only for its organoleptic properties, but also for the diet. The arrangement of the groves is a real architecture compel to a high-quality artisan products.
That’s a unique oil for the perfection of fruity flavor and a bit ‘spicy golden yellow color with green hues and aroma overall, so special that many tasters use it as a yardstick and athe “Oxfod Concise Dictionary” defines it as “Lucca oil = superior quality of olive oil ” compared it with products such as cognac or champagne.

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