EVO Oil of Lucca (DOP)

Thu, 08/09/2018 - 17:47

EVO Oil and Wine

Agricultural development of the Lucca area both in a production and marketing is linked to olive growing. The province of Lucca, already in ancient times, was a rich producer of olive oil and its culture has grown in importance until the present day. Recently, the olive oil of Lucca was recognized the Denominazine di Origine Protetta DOP (European designation of origin PDO). According to the specification, the EVO oil must have the following characteristics, summarizing the best known: yellow with green tones more or less intense; Light to medium fruity olive scent; sweet taste with a spicy and bitter sensation derived from the intensity of fruity; total acidity of not more than 0.5% of oleic acid; peroxide number max 12 Meq. The EVO oil must be obtained from the following varieties: up to 90% of Frantoio,  up to 30% Leccino and up to 15% of others. The method of production is controlled by an external organization that monits compliance with the directions contained in the specification including the methods of cultivation, defense, collection and production. Since 2005 it has formed the Consortium oil DOP Lucca.