From the coast to high mountain peaks, passing through flat countrys and then begin to climb over green hills.. a lot of colors and fragrances overwhelm the viewer of this journey through the variety of territories that characterizes the province of Lucca. Colors fragrances and even flavours, thanks to the wide variety of products, which sprout in this microcosm.
From fish that inhabit coastal waters, to those that animate the cold mountain lakes, from fruits and vegetables wisely curated in the gardens by expertly growers, to wild fruits that grow spontaneously in the woods. And then legumes and seeds, such as red bean of Lucca and the Garfagnana’s spelt; grapevines and olive trees that draw our hills giving them the aspect that painters throughout the centuries have labored to impress on the canvas. At higher altitudes farmers each year bring their herds on the pastures, so taking care of their animals, and then they bring on our plates the finest meats and cheeses. And finally the flowers, such as camellia and azalea, ancient and precious symbols of our hills.

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