La disfida della zuppa!



Winter is back, the Disfida della zuppa,the Soup Challenge is back, taking up the theme that animated the last edition of Terra Madre: Regeneration.

The dinners that will host the Challenge will be under the banner of regeneration and the Osterie that will host it will propose dishes of recovery, of the "cuisine of leftovers", of anti-waste cuisine.

This year's travelling companions will be the Osterie della Piana di Lucca selected by Slow Food in its annual guide: establishments that best interpret the concept of cuisine under the banner of quality dishes but also with a special attention and sensitivity to hospitality, making diners feel "at home". Careful choice of raw materials favouring the territory and its 'virtuous' producers, cuisine that is attentive to tradition without excluding a vocation for innovation, attention to the essence and characteristics of the products and little inclination to spectacularisation: in short, venues where one can breathe a reassuring air but where one can enjoy significant gastronomic experiences.

Over the eight scheduled evenings, 4-5 chefs will compete by proposing their own soup, which the 'popular jury', represented by the dinner participants, will judge using the 'official' frantoiana soup evaluation form. At the end of the dinner, the winner of the elimination round will be declared, who will then participate in one of the two semi-finals that will entitle them to participate in the final on 25 March.

Those who want to apply as a challenger can contact the organisers by phoning 329 7399748, while those who want to participate in the popular jury need only book a place at the table.

The Disfida will then award the Soup Pilgrims, those who will be present at several elimination rounds, accompanying the route from tavern to tavern: the pilgrims will be guaranteed a place at the final and will be rewarded with a specific award.

The calendar of the challenge:

Wednesday 1 February in Lucca, via del Fosso at the Ristorante Mecenate
Friday 3 February will continue in Gragnano at the Osteria Da Mi Pà
Monday 6 February will return to Lucca in Piazza del Carmine at the Osteria da Gigi
Wednesday 8 February will move to Montecarlo at the Locanda Agricola Posapiano
Thursday 16 February in Lucca, Borgo Giannotti at the Locanda Buatino,
Thursday 23 February again in Lucca at the Osteria Dal Manzo
Wednesday 1 March in Lammari at the Osteria di Lammari
finally, on Thursday 23 March in Meati at the Osteria di Meati .


This will be followed by the two semi-finals 

Wednesday 15 March at the Alle Camelie organic farm, in Pieve di Compito that has been expanding its agricultural production for some years now (concentrating on oil and wine) so as to present dishes with self-produced raw materials in its culinary events, in addition, of course, to the Slow Food presidia and other quality products from the area.

The other semi-final will be held in one of the symbolic locations of Zuppa Frantoiana, the premises of the Sagra di Aquilea, which this year will host the second semi-final on Saturday 18 March.

Finally, the final on Saturday 25 March will be held in the parish premises of Carignano in the company of the Cooperativa Solidando, which runs Equinozio, a fair trade market shop.


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