Quercetane olives EVO Oil

EVO Oil and Wine

The EVO oil obtained from olives quercetane is a single variety oil, has a slight fruity flavor and a green-yellow color; the taste is slightly spicy and pungent. The olives after the harvesting pass a short period of storage in aerated bins, arranged in layers, then are sent to the mill where they are processed in a traditional way or continuous cycle. The oil is stored in steel containers even if it is still possible to find containers of marble used in the past; in this way the deposit of impurities is made before bottling, after the cold season has become to end. The oil can be found in bottles of 1 liter or 0.75, although more is sold in containers of 5 liters; given the modest productions most will still be used for self-consumption. The area affected the production of this cultivar covers about 100 hectares with an average annual production estimated at 500-600 tons of EVO oil.