Mostra micologica 22


Autumn is coming, it is time for mushrooms, and the Mycological Exhibition returns to the Botanical Garden of Lucca, an initiative dedicated to adults and children.

On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October, the Modern Greenhouses of the Botanical Garden will host the 37th edition of the Autumn Mushroom Exhibition organised by the 'Benedetto Puccinelli' Mycological and Naturalistic Group of Lucca.

This is an initiative that aims to promote knowledge of the mushrooms of our territory, to prevent poisoning and food poisoning by educating on how to collect them. It is a way to valorise an ancient tradition not only of collecting, but also of research and study started by Benedetto Puccinelli - an expert botanist and mycologist - professor at the Liceo Reale of Lucca and director of the Botanical Garden from 1834 to 1850.

The exhibition displays dozens of species of fresh mushrooms collected in various stations and environments in the Lucca area and meticulously identified and catalogued by members and collaborators of the Gmnl. The exhibition is enriched by two didactic and informative paths: a photographic exhibition dedicated to toxic mushrooms and a special exhibition of illustrated panels and activities for children and youngsters on the observation of these intriguing living creatures.


funghi spontanei della luchcesia alla mostra micologica 2022