Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Versilia coast is a recently founded by major land reclamation and immediately adopted by artists and writers for the beauty of the landscape, the bright lights, scented pine forests, long white beaches with the famous beach resorts and piers.
The artisans of the sea, shipwrights, carpenters, fishermen, divers, became world famous. Their exploits are told in the Seafaring Museum of Viareggio.
From the sea comes the good fish that fishing vessels back to the local market on the pier in Viareggio and resales in the dock every morning. Blue fish, caught in a sustainable fish “rediscovered” in respect of biodiversity and sea life.
They are horse mackerel, rays, anchovies, bonito, scabbard fish, mullet, whiting, dormouse, torpedo, conger eel… that cooks traditional taverns and famous restaurants prepare in traditional fish soup and fried or in bold cruditèes.
Fresh fish prepared simply, directly on the boat, is offered by the fishermen who work in the summer and fished share with the guests of Pescaturismo.
Small gastronomic treasures, we give them the beach and the coastal forest park Migliarino St. Flushing where they produce an exclusive beach honey that has the scent of the eternal and marine blooms and tasty, pine nuts sought to enrich drinks and desserts.

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