Sandra's orange fritters


It's Carnival time again.
Once upon a time, before Lent began, it was customary to indulge in sweets and treats of all kinds, and it still is.

Sandra Bianchi has a face as sweet as the delicacies she has been offering every day since 1997 in her pastry shop in Borgo Giannotti, and an innovative and contemporary vision in the world of sweets, where she always introduces new proposals with singular peculiarities, but to be shared with everyone, otherwise, what's the taste?

i Tordelli lucchesi


Cooking, as we know, is an oral tradition.

I mangiari lucchesi (MPFazzi Editore in Lucca) is a small booklet that collects the best of Lucca's gastronomic tradition from the voices of cooks and kitchen workers.

Here is the tale of tordelli

In Lucca, we call tortelli 'tordelli'.
To prepare them we will first make their filling:

La disfida della zuppa!


Winter is back, the Disfida della zuppa,the Soup Challenge is back, taking up the theme that animated the last edition of Terra Madre: Regeneration.

The dinners that will host the Challenge will be under the banner of regeneration and the Osterie that will host it will propose dishes of recovery, of the "cuisine of leftovers", of anti-waste cuisine.

8 MERCATINI DI NATALE e qualche bottega.


If there is a time when you can stop running and stay connected for a few hours and wander around amongst the colours and small works of everyday art without feeling guilty, it is the Christmas season.

A trip to 'browse' the Christmas markets is now a ritual, whether they are in traditional little wooden houses, in elegant villas, in restful gardens, in illuminated city squares and streets.

Zuppa di magro lessons

Three short courses for Lucchese di magro soup at the Lucchesi nel Mondo headquarters.

The meetings, for a maximum of 20 people, start on Wednesday (16 November) at 16:00

The Armonia Verde group - herbs and grasses - aloe group - Accademia della zuppa lucchese di magro di Ponte a Moriano informs all those who are fond of the typical Lucchese dish, the zuppa di magro, that the 'short courses' on how to prepare this traditional and tasty dish are resumed.

Il sapore di Lucca Comics & Games

Lucca Comics & Games, what to eat?

Five days of comics, video games and breaks to refresh yourself before diving back into the crazy crowd at Lucca Comics & Games. This year there are also appointments with great chefs overwhelmed by the fantastic atmosphere.

Talking clouds, cocktails and cooking recipes at Atelier Ricci with chef Cristiano Tomei, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Carlo SpinelliFoodmetti

Mostra micologica 22

Autumn is coming, it is time for mushrooms, and the Mycological Exhibition returns to the Botanical Garden of Lucca, an initiative dedicated to adults and children.

On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October, the Modern Greenhouses of the Botanical Garden will host the 37th edition of the Autumn Mushroom Exhibition organised by the 'Benedetto Puccinelli' Mycological and Naturalistic Group of Lucca.

Montecarlo Chocolate 22


Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October sees the return of Montecarlo Chocolate, the chocolate festival among the most beautiful monuments of Montecarlo, the Theatre, the Church and the Fortress, exceptionally open to the public.

Artisanal chocolate shops where you will be able to taste sweetness made the right way, tastings of Montecarlo DOC wine, chocolate, and tastings guided by Fisar sommeliers distilled spirits and chocolate.