Apple Casciana

Fruits and Vegetables

Apple Casciana is an ancient variety typical of Garfagnana, where it is cultivated since the beginning of the ‘900. Sweet taste, but a bit’ sour, when ripe it has a background color of yellow-green with red additional color forabout 60% of the fruit, small and medium sized, it has a flattened round shape, for this reason in some areas it is also called wheel. The particular value is a considerable “shelf life” coming to be kept for several months, just in a cool and dry place. The plants, grown wild, frequently reach 6-8 feet tall. Very old plants can be found that have more than 50 years on grafted franc. Generally, it does not need pesticide treatments. The organic fertilization is prevalent and rarely needs chemical fertilizers. The entire manual collection begins in the second half of October. It is used as fresh fruit, can be baked or enter as an ingredient in many cakes.