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Flowers and Craftsmanship

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There are over 250 wild species of Camellia and also several thousandcultivated varieties (cultivars), belonging to the species of greatestornamental value. The Camellia japonica is by far the best known and for many fans, the Camelia par excellence.
The range of wild species include species in yellow flower, small-flowered andprofuse flowering, large-flowered white or pink, and more. Many of these species, found in Compitese ideal conditions or otherwise required to be grown: acid soils with abundant surface water and cool temperatures.

The private gardens are home to over 200 specimens ultrasecolari CameliaJaponica. The camelias, recently planted in a valley in the fresh Presis the country of Saint Andrea, it is home to rare and precious, the result of trade with the most important gardens in the worldcounterparts.

The nursery Borrini, in the center of the country, is also home to the first Italian tea plantation, curated by Guido Cattolica, which produces four varieties of tea: green, semi-fermented, fermented (black) and white tea product with the first buds of spring.

In the period of March / April, we celebrate the blooming with the Exhibition of Ancient Camellias of Lucca known internationally.